All about AWS Direct Connect (DX)

The Background

AWS Direct Connect (DX) Connection

AWS Direct Connect — Physical Connection

Figure 01 — Direct Connect (DX) Connection Physical Components

Cross Connect Cable — The cable goes from DX / AWS Router to your Customer Router / Partner Router is called the Cross Connect Cable. These are fiber optic cables which are not Highly Available (HA) and not Encrypted.

Figure 02 — Direct Connect Physical Connectivity (Expanded)
Figure 03 — Connection ordering types
Figure 04 — Creating a connection
Figure 05 — Resiliency Levels
Figure 06 — Device level resiliency
Figure 07 — Device and Location level resiliency
Figure 08 — Device level and location level maximum resiliency

AWS Direct Connect (DX) — Logical Connection

Figure 09 — DX Virtual Interfaces (VIFs)

AWS Direct Connect vs Site-to-Site VPN




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